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Blizzard has tweeted out some changes related to the Bursting Affix, as well as Azerite Traits in instanced PvP.Bursting HotfixThis buff to Bursting was announced on December 14th but as Bursting was not seen in the rotation recently, Bl...
Published Jan 22, 2019
Blizzard has clarified that Kul Tiran and Zandalari Troll Allied Races are not available with the start of Season 2. They are coming in 8.1.5, as stated at BlizzCon.Learn more about these Allied Races in our guides: Kul Tiran Allied Race...
Published Jan 22, 2019
Jaina Proudmoore, the Daughter of the Sea, and Gelbin Mekkatorque, King of the Gnomes and High Tinker, show they are forces not to be underestimated in the Siege of Dazar'alor opening cinematic. In this article, we'll analyze the cinemat...
Published Jan 22, 2019
Blizzard has posted the official patch notes for Season 2 Tides of Vengeance, as well as several posts detailing the opening of the new raid and start of the new Mythic+ and PvP season on NA realms.Make sure to check out our updated clas...
Published Jan 22, 2019
Watch the cinematic at the end of the Rastakhan encounter in the Battle of Dazar'alor. Spoilers.Rastakhan is defeated at the end of his encounter, and Talanji consoles him as he dies:Talanji: Father...No....Please...Stay...Stay with me.R...
Published Jan 22, 2019

About us.

By Hethrus a - Posted Jan 9, 18

Maximum Effort is a raid and mythic+ guild on Cenarion circle. We have very strong leadership, origination and strong core of raiders! Our goal is to aim for server first achievements and push ourselves and the team as far we can. There is nothing more fun then breaking into a nerd rage when you and 19 friends finally kill a hard boss!

A little about the group...
A large portion of the group has been raiding together for multiple expansions, with me as the raid leader. We're a tight knit group of friends, always hanging out in discord, doing everything from pvp, mythic plus and world quests. We recently split off from the guild we were previously in to do our own thing.

A little about the server...
Cenarion circle is a low population server. But it is far from dead. The server has a very active group of people. Due to the smaller population everyone knows everyone, who is a trouble maker, who to avoid, who to ask for help and who is the trade chat troll. Its a very friendly and laid back server.

When do we raid?

We raid monday,tuesday and wednesday starting 10pm est going till about midnight.

Outside of raids we're very active! Doing lots of M+ and some pvp!

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